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Individuals who have discontinued studies in medical school for academic reasons are not eligible to apply to the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Counted toward the allowable maximum are units associated either with: 1 classes from which a student has withdrawn after the last day to register and add classes, as established by the university and published in the Schedule of Classes, or 2 courses in which he or she has received an incomplete. The skin is then pulled taut toward the center of the opening and the nipple is reattached to cover the opening—much like pulling a drawstring bag closed. USC also has a stronger, more loyal, alumni base.

Eventually, it came to be used as an umbrella term that included gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people. Thanks to them, I feel that I have not only been able to survive in medical school but to thrive. A committee letter is sufficient. While this term is claimed in an affirmative manner by some, it is largely regarded as derogatory.

USC - Copyright © 2018, Los Angeles Times. Often used in combination with estrogen in MTF hormone therapy; commonly used anti-androgens are spironolactone and finasteride.

This is super tough for me. I come from a very small high school my graduating class was 80 students, the largest in the school's history and all of our classes were discussion based. I'm A HUGE TALKER. I'm not getting that at USC. Although I love all my classes and teachers, I miss talking to the students in my classes, not just asking the teacher questions. I don't want to hear just the teacher's opinion- I want to hear what the students think as well. That's why I'm thinking about transferring to a smaller, LAC. I've already decided it HAS to be in Southern California for multiple reasons , and Pomona seems like a great fit. Problem is, I applied to CMC early decision in high school and was rejected. I also got rejected from Pomona, but I didn't really try hard. I was focused on USC and CMC. I also am not really feeling the social life at USC. I don't really like the Greek life, but I feel it's a major part of the weekend scene here. As a girl, I can go to all the parties if I want to as per frat policy , but I don't really want to go to them... I like all the opportunities I have here at USC. Lots of major to choose from great for me since I'm interested in nearly everything, I'm planning a five year Cognitive Science + Economics with a Political Science minor at the moment and the career connections are difficult to deny. I miss staying up till 4am with my best friend talking about political philosophy and modernity. I miss the small 10 person classes where the students did most of the talking. I miss the parties where I know basically everyone there. I'm not even sure I'd get into Pomona. I'll probably have an A- in two classes, an A+ in one, and sadly, if I'm lucky, a B- in Calculus. I know I could already get some stellar recommendations from teachers, and I could write a good essay describing what I'm describing right now. What should I do? What would you do? Your reasons for wanting to transfer make sense. That being said, transfer chances for Pomona are very slim. You probably already know that. No harm in giving it a shot, but good to have a back up plan as well. Have you taken a look at Scripps? It's easy to cross register for classes at the Claremont colleges, so you could take quite a few classes at Pomona. Anyway, something to think about. Occidental is also an appealing option. I was accepted to Scripps when I applied. This may sound naive, but I don't want to transfer down. I know college rankings have a lot of issues, but I'm worried employers and grad schools really care about the rankings. USC is a well know University, while Reed is not also too North. I'd consider Scripps, but I'm worried it doesn't have that name recognition. Are you joking me, onemoretime17? I can tell you with certainty that Reed as an institution would be seen in a better light than USC in ANY grad school in the US. Scripps is a wonderful institution as well and I think that it has some strong alumni connections applies to Mt Holyoke and Smith too. I really think you need to give what you want from a college precedence over how you think others will perceive it. However, I think you can find the intellectual circle at USC too if you look hard enough -- the school is big, but that creates diversity of students. I agree in terms of reputation -- both Reed and Scripps have steller reputations - but I dont' think you'd want to apply to Reed as it's just not S. My daughter is currently very happy at Pomona and a sophomore - but has said she would also be happy at Scripps - so I'd apply to both of those. Jackyt, that is so reassuring. I didn't even try to get into Pomona when I applied- I was focused on CMC and USC. No interview, no enthusiasm. Now I have really good reasons for wanting to go to Pomona I've already chosen a possible major and courses I'd love to take. I hope when reading my essay they'll understand I just didn't focus on the schools I really should have, and I've learned a lot more about myself. Chesapeakedad, I'm not sure if I'd like to block program because I'm someone who has a wide variety of interests and I'm still in the process of narrowing down what I want to major in. I might take a class, hate it, drop out, and then be doing nothing for the rest of that block period something that just happened to my best friend at CC. It's on my list, though. Internation95, it's not me, it's my parents. I just LOVE the Claremont schools. I'd go to any of them. I'm not too sure about Scripps since it's all woman... I'm used to having a large group of guy friends as well as girl friends. I can't imagine living in a dorm without guys! I really love Pitzer and Pomona. I think I could get in to Pitzer I was waitlisted, but never did an interview or anything to show I was actually interested , but my dad is convinced that I'm doing a huge disservice to myself if I chose to go there over USC due to name recognition. Telling him that the acceptance rate is actually lower than USC's doesn't help... They are the ones paying for my college so I can't just run away. My son, who is currently a freshman at USC, could have written your post almost word for word! He also went to a small private high school and misses the interaction with peers and teachers. He does not like the Greek system because he says the kids are not interested in academics and it can be very noninclusive for guys. He likes to have fun but doesn't want to go overboard, and wants friends who can talk about something other than how wasted they got at the last party. He is applying to Pomoma, CMC, and Pitzer as a transfer as well. It is sad that there are not more options for New England style LACs in California. Maybe the two of you should meet! I also agree with you about how California should have more New England-style LACs, and I find it funny how the ones that California DOES have happen to be concentrated all within the same area, or in this case, consortium.

USC President Faces Calls To Step Down Over Handling Of Sex Abuse Scandal
I can't imagine living in a dorm without guys. I think I can fairly say that I'm much more sure of myself and of my ideas now, and that I don't feel uncomfortable finding myself in all-male solo environments. The employee is responsible for any tax liability resulting from benefits provided under the TAB program to the employee or dependent of the employee. Some guys simply refer to their packer or prosthetic as a cock and balls, a dick, etc. is usc single sex or The Rainbow Floor provides a gender responsible option for residents in which students of any and all gender identities share an apartment. I don't really like the Greek life, but I feel it's a major part of the weekend scene here.